How to Apply for a Hungarian Passport

From 01/01/2012 you can apply for a new passport with biometric data at the respective Hungarian Consulate or at the local Government Registration offices.

All passport applications must be handed personally to the Consulate or Registration Office. Prior appointment by phone (Consulate) or via the Internet (special registration is required) is necessary. Photograph, fingerprints and signature are electronically taken on the spot from each applicant aged more than 12 years old. No other photo or previously completed form is necessary.

The applicant must be a Hungarian citizen. Hungarian citizenship can be verified with a valid Hungarian passport, ID card, or Certificate of Citizenship.

Any change in the civil status of the applicant (e.g. marriage, divorce) is to be registered in Hungary paralelly with the passport application.

The fee for the issuance of a 10-year passport is HUF 7,500.

If the applied for passport replaces a lost, perished, or damaged travel document, the procedure fee is doubled.

No urgency requests are possible on applications submitted at the Consulate outside Hungary.

To be attached to the application:

    • copy of your valid Hungarian passport (data page)
    • copy of your Hungarian birth certificate or citizenship certificate.